Error Analysis, Inc.

A Human Factors and Safety Consultancy.

Our work involves forensics, expert witness assignments in civil litigation, and projects. For thirty years, we have advised legal, insurance, public, and private clients with our specialized expertise about human behavior, design, and safety.  

Error Analysis, Inc.


We are Human Factors professionals. The discipline of Human Factors, otherwise known as Ergonomics, originated during World War II to improve human performance in complex systems. Costly failures due to human error created an urgent, fresh approach that emphasized personnel research in the design of technology, particularly in challenging settings (U.S. Congressional Record, 2015). In modern legal cases, the Human Factors expert addresses issues in liability, mainly in civil litigation, with specialized knowledge and skill regarding how technology and humans interact.

Dr. Joe Cohen is the Principal of Error Analysis, Inc. Joe is a board-certified Human Factors Professional and Hazard Control Manager. During his career, Joe has personally investigated more than a thousand injury cases. Joe routinely addresses Human Factors issues in disputes involving premises, product, and traffic safety. Joe is a husband and father of two teens. He also enjoys guitars, baseball, and his pet Shih Tzu.

H. Harvey Cohen founded Error Analysis. His work significantly advanced the practice of Human Factors in claims and litigation, most notably in the areas of occupational safety and personal injury. This followed a celebrated career of public service, scientific research, consulting, and writing. Among several other books, Dr. Harvey Cohen is a co-author of Slips, Trips, Missteps, and Falls: Causes and Prevention (3rd Edition, 2021), published by Lawyers & Judges Publishing. Harvey retired from consulting in 2017. He entered full retirement in 2023.


Error Analysis routinely reviews personal injury claims in litigation. This includes inspection and documentation of sites, facilities, processes, equipment, tools, and other systems. We analyze how people, materials, and environmental factors contribute to losses. We reconstruct or reenact safety-related events. Additionally, we apply our specialized knowledge to address risk to human life and limb, and other issues affecting peoples’ well-being. Our typical cases involve falls, collisions, exposures, and repetitive motion injuries. We specialize in hazards and risk, standards and violations, warnings and instructions, unsafe acts, attention and decision-making, hazard response and avoidance, impairments, and the fundamentals of biomechanics.

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Outside the justice system, Error Analysis engages in projects that call for a specialist. This includes workplace studies or safety audits, workspace solutions (e.g., workstations), program development and evaluation, education, training, writing, standards development, research, start-ups, and more.

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Error Analysis, Inc.


Joe Cohen is a credentialed Human Factors professional with a broad domestic and international experience base. His legal cases typically involve premises liability, general negligence, motor vehicle, and/or products liability actions. Dr. Cohen has testified as an expert witness in Superior Courts of California and Arizona, District Court of Clark County, Nevada, and United States District Court, District of Nevada. His project experience includes contributing to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Human Factors Design Standard, consulting on design of warnings and instructions for consumer and industrial products, safety and risk management, and publications.

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